About Us

We are a  family run business based in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. What drew us together to form Sunnykate Care is the passion and values we share and our vast  experience in looking after people in nursing and residential homes, hospitals and mental health units. We offer bespoke homecare services to clients in Hertfordshire and neighbouring counties and live-in care services nationwide.

Our carers undergo rigorous checks and interviews. They are competent, experienced and well trained by our highly qualified and experienced trainers. Each candidate completes a thorough induction programme before commencing employment to ensure that they uphold our core values during each assignment.

Why Sunnykate Care

  • Affordability
  • Strict vetting of all staff
  • Reliability and Continuity
  • High level of care
  • Quick response
  • National Coverage for Live in care
  • Value for money
  • Family run business



Live in Care 

Sunnykate Care introduces friendly, highly trained and experienced carer(s) to live with you and/or your loved ones at home. We provide one to one quality care and support when domiciliary care is no longer adequate and living in a residential or nursing home is not an option. Our Live-in care service offers a personalised service at a very reasonable price with the added advantage of dedicated attention 24 hours a day which a multi-resident institution or a domiciliary care package cannot offer.

Our live-in carers will:

  • Take care of you and your home.
  • Run errands for you.
  • Cook the food you like and how you like it.
  • Assist you to spend each day the way you want to.
  • Help you to go out when and where you want to.
  • Enable you to get up and go to bed when you want to.
  • Look after your pet(s) if you have any.
  • Support you in the pursuit of your hobbies and interests.


At Sunnykate Care we understand that having someone living in home can be daunting, but our experienced carers will put you at ease within a very short time and make your life better in so many ways. Many profess their health, emotional and social being changed dramatically so much that they wished they had taken on the service sooner.

We offer a `no obligation’ 2-week trial run to make sure both parties are happy with the live-in arrangement.

Having a Sunnykate Care live-in care gives your family peace of mind so they can carry on with their lives knowing that  their relative is very well looked after by the live-in carer.

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